is our restaurant.



The Wichin' Pizza Way

Our unique sandwich creation process, takes your favorite pizza variation and turns it into a delicious hot sammy! Our entire brand is pizza-inspired AND foodie-inspired! We think outside the PIZZA box, and want to share it with the world!

Our Sandwich

Inside our test kitchen we have been wichin' up a variety of delicious, convenient pizza sandwich creations. Each hot, handcrafted sammy is prepared to order with intricate detail, but most importantly, love. Using quality meats, and fresh ingredients. 

Awesome Food To The Rescue

We are launching Louisville's first Virtual Eatery! Meaning, we operate EXCLUSIVELY as a delivery/pick up only, fast-casual eatery! Delivery areas are limited, but keep an eye out for  our special delivery days! Follow us on social media to stay updated!!

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